Meet Andreas Bäckman

Andreas got his karting license in 2005 at Luleå’s karting school in Sweden. He started his racing career the year after in the North Swedish Championship, and soon drove in many races in Sweden before he started his international career in 2010. In the years that followed Andreas raced around the world, with competitions and successes in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, England, Portugal, Las Vegas and New Orleans. During 2014–2016 he drove for the factory-team Kosmic, in the Formula 1 of Karting.

– I had hoped for better results, but the experience I got was overall very positive with the tough competition in mind. I learned a lot for the future. 

In 2017 Andreas started with rallycross. With a new track surface, a new driving technique required and significantly shorter races. 

– I really enjoyed the step up to rallycross, both with the challenge with all-new conditions in mind, but also since the sport has grown so much within the racing world. As the trend is heading towards mastering more disciplines, rallycross gave me a lot of valuable experiences such as car control.

In 2018, Andreas took the step up to Racing and started to compete in Touring Cars. During the season he competed in STCC, Scandinavian Touring Car Championship, and also in the British counterpart TCR UK. He also did an appearance in the European series TCR Europe, where he now will compete for 2019.

What of your previous experiences did you bring to TCR Europe?
– Racing is more like karting and it’s great to be back on the track with more grip. International karting is probably the best school for racing, from where I mainly bring race techniques and experiences from shifter karts, where I learned standing starts and gear shifting. Rallycross taught me how to handle fewer laps where, like in TCR Europe, it’s important to be ready already from the start!

How was your racing-debut at Silverstone in the beginning of 2018? 
– There’s a lot of people who wants autographs and then there’s a big media coverage with interviews and other attention. Everything is so much bigger, and the sport has a very good reputation in the media. 

What kind of racing driver are you?  
– My main strength is that I’m consistent, which means I usually always reach top results. I’m constantly working on improving my lowest level to become as good as I possibly can. In addition, I spend a lot of time on physical training and following all motorsport – it’s my way of keeping up-to-date. 

What are your goals in the future?  
– My goal for 2018 was to reach the podium, which I managed to do during the year. At the TCR UK race at Croft, UK I also took a pole-position and a win, which was over my expectations. When I go into the 2019 season in TCR Europe, the competition is going to be even harder, so my goal is to be fighting for the top-10 positions and to develop as a driver. 

In the long run, I want to challenge the competition and become the best racing driver in the world. To reach that point, I need to be able to do this for a living so that I can focus on my continuing development.

What are your expectations of joining team Target Competition in 2019?  
– To get the opportunity to drive for such a well-established team as Target Competition for 2019 feels very exciting. They have a lot of experience of international racing and when looking at their results the past few years it shows that it’s a team to count on for 2019. 

Andreas Bäckman

Born: August 29th, 1995 
Lives in:
Boden, Sweden 
Racing driver for Target Competition, studying for a Master of Science in engineering at the Luleå University of Technology 
Race-winner in TCR UK in 2018, Vice-World Karting Champion 2015, Swedish Karting Champion 2013 
Role model:
Marc Márquez

4th overall in the Swedish Junior Championship/JTCC
2nd place in Göteborgs Stora Pris, KZ2 (Karting)
3rd place in the TCR UK Championship
One win in JTCC at Anderstorp, STCC
Six podium finishes and three fastest laps in the TCR UK Championship
Two wins and three podiums in the Swedish Ice-Racing Championship
Race win and pole position at Croft, TCR UK
Winner of the RX2 Most Improved Driver of the Year-award
5th position in the Rallycross World Championship round in Hell, Norway in RX2
4th position in the Rallycross World Championship round in Höljes, Sweden and had the fastest lap in the Final, RX2
Winner of the first round of the Italian Rallycross Championship (TRX) in Maggiora, Italy
Two wins in the Swedish Ice-Racing Championship
Rotax International Open Champion, Rotax DD2
4th place in the Swedish Championship, KZ2
Rotax International Open Champion, Rotax DD2
North Swedish Champion, KZ2
Vice-World Karting Champion, Rotax DD2
3rd place overall, Rotax Euro Challenge, Rotax DD2
3rd place in the Swedish Championship, KZ2
Winner of the Rotax Euro Challenge Final, Rotax DD2
Winner of the last event of the Belgian Karting Championship, Rotax DD2
3rd place in the third round of Rotax Euro Challenge, Rotax DD2
3rd place overall in the Belgian Karting Championship, Rotax DD2
Swedish Champion, KF2
Winner in the second round of the Belgian Karting Championship, Rotax DD2
4th place overall in Rotax Max Challenge Sweden, Rotax Max
14th place in the debut race in the Rotax DD2 Karting World Championship
Winner of Tom Trana Trophy, Rotax Max
3rd place in one round of Estonian Championship, Rotax Max Junior
District Champion, Rotax Max
9th place in the Swedish Championship, KF3
4th place overall in the MKR series, Rotax Max Junior
Winner of the District Championship Final, Mini
4th place in one round of Rotax Max Challenge Finland, Rotax Max Junior
3rd place in the first round of the North Swedish Championship, Micro